Very close to the resort

Carmelo Resort & Spa is located in the city of Carmelo, in the department of Colonia, and is set within a magnificent forest on the banks of the La Plata River.
With easy access by car, boat and plane, the Resort is 3 hours by car or 45 minutes by private flight from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, and 4 hours by car from Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Very close to the resort

Carmelo International Airport: 2 km

Carrasco International Airport (Montevideo): 320 km

Carmelo Golf: 2.2 km

Puerto Camacho: 5 km

Estancia de Narbonne: 6.8 km

Carmelo Swing Bridge: 9.7 km

1 hr. Buenos Aires - Sacramento + 1 hr. City of Carmelo