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Experiences - Carmelo Resort & Spa


There are bicycles available for guests who wish to explore the surrounding pine and eucalyptus forests, or other parts of the Uruguayan countryside. The flat terrain ensures that it will be an easy and enjoyable walk. Free activity.

Tennis Courts

We have 2 clay tennis courts which are available day and night. Tennis rackets and balls are available at no additional cost at our spa.
Experiences - Carmelo Resort & Spa
Experiences - Carmelo Resort & Spa

Chandra spa

We invite you to experience our philosophy: the art of wellness. Carmelo Resort & Spa has created a unique experience that combines ancient Asian techniques with Latin American culture. The elements that make up the structure are representative of the local land. These are combined with an Asian ambience of harmonious scents and sounds and the philosophy of Yin and Yang, which represents the perfect balance of life: masculine and feminine, sun and moon, day and night.
We also offer complimentary yoga classes in our riverside Yoga Studio. Times according to the resort’s weekly schedule.

Horseback riding through the forest and beach

Enjoy a 50-minute horseback ride through our extensive forest on well-trained horses. A local guide will accompany you along the way. We have horses for every skill level, so no prior experience is necessary. Horseback riding is limited to a maximum of 6 horses at a time and we offer different schedules throughout the day.
Experiences - Carmelo Resort & Spa
Experiences - Carmelo Resort & Spa

Sunset Boat Ride

Departure from Puerto Camacho at sunset. This sailing experience will take you through the north of the La Plata river in a classic 1930’s boat, passing between the islands of the coast and close to the international canal. It is a truly unique setting with sites of great historical and natural importance, as well as a large variety of wildlife species, and one of the most spectacular sunsets in Latin America.

Included in the boat ride is a cheese board, cold meats, beers and soft drinks.

Boat fishing

Departing from Puerto Camacho, we will navigate the channels between the islands, fishing in different places depending on the weather conditions. We will provide complete equipment and bait. Snacks and drinks included on board.

Experiences - Carmelo Resort & Spa
Experiences - Carmelo Resort & Spa

Kayak / Canoe

We will paddle from the port to the Arroyo de las Víboras, observing some of the first constructions of the Republic, which date back to the 18th century and are the protagonists of historical stories and legends. You will be able to observe a wide array of fauna and flora, especially water birds.

Wine activities · Narbona Wine Lodge

The Bodega Narbona currently produces some of the best wines in the region, which possess great quality and elegance. Its history, its contrasts, its vineyards and its people give these wines a unique aroma and flavor. If you are a lover of good wine, don’t miss our exclusive experiences.
Experiences - Carmelo Resort & Spa